Current League Results

The ITsECPC 2020 Darts League

* denotes winner of Captain's match

Monday 16th March 2020
Taste of England 4*-8 Crickets
Cock Inn Cancelled Fox A
Fox B Cancelled Foinavon
Yattendon A 9-3* Yattendon B
Kings Head 7-5* Bradfield SC
Monday 9th March 2020
Fox A 5*-7 Crickets
Foinavon 7*-5 Cock Inn
Yattendon A 3*-9 Fox B
Taste of England 6*-6 Kings Head
Bradfield SC 11*-1 Yattendon B
Monday 2nd March 2020
Crickets 5*-7 Foinavon
Cock Inn 11*-1 Yattendon A
Fox B 11*-1 Bradfield SC
Kings Head 6*-6 Fox A
Yattendon B 2-10* Taste of England
Monday 17th February 2020
Yattendon A 3-9* Crickets
Cock Inn 4-8* Fox B
Foinavon 10-2* Taste of England
Fox A 4-8* Bradfield SC
Kings Head 9*-3 Yattendon B
Monday 10th February 2020
Yattendon B 4-8* Fox A
Taste of England 0-12* Cock Inn
Bradfield SC 8*-4 Yattendon A
Foinavon 8*-4 Kings Head
Fox B 8*-4 Crickets
Monday 3rd February 2020
Crickets 9-3* Yattendon B
Cock Inn 10*-2 Bradfield SC
Kings Head 4-8* Fox B
Yattendon A 6-6* Taste of England
Fox A 3-9* Foinavon
Monday 27th January 2020
Taste of England 2*-10 Fox A
Crickets 1*-11 Cock Inn
Fox B 12*-0 Yattendon B
Yattendon A 3-9* Kings Head
Bradfield SC 5-7* Foinavon