Current League Rules

Revised 23rd January 2020

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  1. The league will be known as “Fred Tuthill Summer Darts League” during the summer and as “The ITsECPC Winter Darts League” during the winter, with entry by invitation only. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any player or team.
  2. In all circumstances, the Vice Captain assumes all responsibilities of the Captain in the Captains absence. Please also see Rule 6.

    2a. Matches to be played on Monday nights only, except for re-arranged matches. The draw to be made at 8:15pm, match starting time at 20:30 hrs.1 point to be deducted if after 20.45 & 2 points deducted if after 21.00 hrs.

    2b. If a game has to be cancelled due to lack of players, please give where possible seven days notice to the opposing team and please inform the Landlords of the home venue Pub or Club.

    2c. If a match has to be postponed at short notice (less than 7 days), the two team Captains or Vice Captains in the Captains absence must mutually agree on the cancellation and ensure the Landlord/Landlady of the home venue are not left out of pocket for providing any food. If the match is cancelled after 5pm on the day of the match, then the team cancelling will pay the offended pub/club a fee of £10 to cover the cost of food.

    2d. All league matches must be completed by the end of the spare week (there are two spare weeks, one mid-season and one at the end of the season) – any games outstanding can be played up to and including the Friday of that week. Any games not played will result in the offended team (the team that did not cancel the original game) being awarded 9 points, the captains leg plus 6 scoring legs. The offending team will receive nothing.

    2e. When a match needs re-arranging, the offended team must have the option of playing the game on a Monday night, i.e. the spare week. Matches can be mutually re-arranged for any night prior to the last Friday of the spare week, but if the offended team can only play on Monday’s then the Monday of the spare week has to be offered.

    2f. Both Captains must agree to any changes to the draw made at any point during a league match, this is before making any amendments to the score sheet. If either captain disagrees then no change to the original draw can be made.

    2g. When doing the draw, If a team has five players then the opposing team with 6 players must put their cards down first before the five man team lay down their cards. The Pairs and Three’s matches will be blind drawn.
  3. Registration will be £7 per player to cover the league and competitions. Players must be registered and have paid their £7 registration fee. No new players or existing league players may join any team after reaching the halfway stage of the league. (Unless Approved by the Committee) New players are not entitled to play until one week after the registration. Cheques/Fees are to be made payable to Mr S Waters. Forms and payment must be sent to Mr S Waters, 20 Elmhurst Rd, Thatcham, Berks, RG18 3DG. If payments are not made by the third week of play the team or teams could face disqualification from the league.
  4. Teams to consist of a minimum of 6 players.
  5. After the Captain's toss to start, the away team will be the first to the start the Singles and then it will be alternate Home then Away after that. Scoresheet now indicated who starts each leg.
  6. Games do not necessarily need to be played in the order of the score sheet, as long as all games are completed.

    Captains’ Game - 1 x 501 (Double to start and finish)
    6 x Singles - Best of 5 x 501 (A League)
    6 x Singles - Best of 3 x 501 (B League)
    3 x Doubles - 1 x 601
    2 x Trebles - 1 x 701

    The Captain's game must be played by the Captain if he/she is available at any point during the match. If the Captain is not available or physically unable to play their game, then the Vice-Captain may play the Captain's leg. If neither player is available, the game will be forfeited. No other player can play the Captain’s leg except for the Captain and the Vice-Captain. If the Captain does not play the Captain's leg they cannot play any other matches that evening. A highest check-out will apply in the Captains’ game. The bust back rule will apply in all games. A nominated player will select the team for the rest of the match.
  7. Throwing distance will be 7' 9.1/4".Height to centre of bull 5’ 8”.
  8. The winning team will be responsible for ensuring that the result sheet is sent to the addrtess on the scoresheet on or before the Thursday of the week the game was played in.

    Failure to return sheets on time more than twice will result in the team losing 2 points
  9. Only 1 County player is allowed per team, there are no restrictions on Super League players.
  10. In all disputes the committee’s decision is final, the committee will consist of:

    Chair - Mr Fred Tuthill
    Secretary - Mr S Waters
    Treasurer - Mr S Waters
    Signatories - Mr A Shattock,  Mr S Waters & Mr F Tuthill
    + 1 player from each team (usually the captain) when voting is necessary, members absent from meetings will lose the right to vote.
  11. Matches to consist of 12 games, this now includes the Captain’s leg, this leg is played with each Captain requiring to throw a double to start and to finish. 1 Point will be awarded for each game won. The team with highest number of points at the end of the season will be deemed the winner. Should there be a tie - count back on legs won will be used. If still a tie, a full Match will be arranged between the teams involved. The outcome of this game will determine the League Winners.

  12. On the first occasion of a team failing to turn up for a match without giving:

    a). Sufficient notice. or
    b). Sufficient reasons, (See Rule 2c.).

    The penalty will be as follows: the offended team (the team that did not cancel the original game) will be awarded 9 points, the captains leg plus 6 scoring legs. The offending team will receive nothing.

    12a.If it is found that an illegal player was substituted all the offending teams points for that night will be forfeited. On the second occasion the offending team will be ejected from the league.
  13. League tables, results and general communication will be updated weekly and available to download on line at However important specific events or changes will be communicated via telephone to all team captains.
  14. A maximum of 8 trophies will be awarded to the League Winners at the end of the season, the Runners-Up will also receive 8 trophies. Any additional trophies required must be funded by the teams concerned.
  15. Landlords and Landladies will automatically be made honorary team members, (only one honorary member per team). There will be no signing on fee required for the nominated Landlord or Landlady. If both Landlord and Landlady sign on then the other player becomes eligible for the signing on fee. If the pub/club has two or more teams, then the Landlord and Landlady can only play for the team they have signed on for.
  16. The chalker will always endeavour to verify the score after 3 darts have been thrown, but it’s the throwers responsibility to ensure the darts remain in the board until the score has been verified. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the recording of the score thrown.
  17. All competitions will “probably” be played at the venues capable of making available at least 2 boards.
  18. Competition pairs and threes can consist of any players from any teams as long as they are registered and in the same division of their league. With the introduction of Ladies Pairs, the Men’s Pairs will be restricted to Men only.

    18a Mixed Pairs competition only – To encourage more mixed pairs, ladies that are not registered league players can be signed on for the evening of the competition only at a cost of £2.50 per player.

    18b Pairs & Singles Competitions - For entry into Pairs and Singles competitions players must have played in at least 3 matches in the current season, prior to the relevant competition starting.
  19. Competition venues to provide an MC for the evening. All players must contact the MC on their immediate arrival. If no one from home venue is available then the first team drawn will provide the MC. It’s the winners responsibility to inform the MC of their win, failure to do so may result in elimination from the competition and replaced with a BYE

    19a Failure to play a competition at the nominated venue will result in you forfeiting your right to enter that competition.
  20. Men’s Singles (Men Only - A League) 501 Best of 5
    Men’s Singles (Men Only - B League) 501 Best of 3
    Ladies Singles (Ladies Only) 501 Best of 3
    Men Pairs (Men Only) 601 Best of 3
    Ladies Pairs (Ladies Only) 601 Best of 3
    Threes (3 Men, 3 Ladies or a Mix) 701 Best of 3
    Mixed Pairs ( 1 Man & 1 Lady) 601 Best of 3
    Landlords (landlord, Landlady or Steward) 501 Best of 3 FINALS NIGHT ONLY (only one per pub/club)
    Ladies Singles Finals 501 Best of 3 – FINALS NIGHT ONLY
    Men’s (B League) 501 Best of 5 – FINALS NIGHT ONLY
    Men’s (A League) 501 Best of 7 – FINALS NIGHT ONLY
    Captain's Cup - play if a draw - Best of 1 - Double in Double out - FINALS NIGHT
  21. Once threes and pairs are registered, should a change be required the team must inform the MC at the venue. They cannot change once they have played.
  22. To decide who goes first, a coin will be tossed, the winner of the toss chooses whether they go first or second in the first leg. If you decide to go first in the first leg you will be going second in the second leg. If a third, fifth or seventh leg is required the same applies, the winner of the toss decides who goes first.
  23. Loser/Losers to chalk the next match
  24. No semi-finals will be re-drawn on Finals Night.
  25. All competitions will be played during the current league season. This is to ensure that there are no long periods of time where matches are not played and that home venues are not gaining from the revenue that Monday night darts brings to them.

Some Recommendations

The Captain is responsible for ensuring the board and lighting are adequate for the game to be played.

The landlord, landlady or steward should supply a new board at the start of a season.

Chalk can be used instead of an electronic score board if preferred.

High checkout, player & chalker to confirm to MC.

If you are a loser in a league singles match it is good practice to buy the winner a small drink.

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